Koevoet Task Force
Airsoft Team

- Meet the Koevoet Task Force Airsoft Team -

Established in 2015.  We are an  Airsoft Team based in the Netherlands. Our home field is at 3Division.eu in Daarle called ''Bunkerhill". Every month we come together to play Airsoft there. We are all different personalities, but together we are ONE Team. Koevoet Task Force (KTF) stands for brotherhood, respect and seriously. We respect each other on and off the field, but we come for one thing; WINNING. The Koevoet Task Force is a tight group of players . We play with the Belgian ABL camo because we want to be an unique Team. We are always looking for special members, contact us if interested!

 We are also  active on Instagram @koevoettaskforce 

Let us introduce The Koevoet Task Force Airsoft Team to you.




Role: Squad Support  

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For airsoft, so-called Airsoft devices are used. These are devices whose outside resembles a real firearm (Replica), but with which only 6 mm balls can be fired. These balls are also called BBs ("bie-bie") or pellets. The devices use a number of different drive systems: electric drive (AEG), spring pressure or a compressed gas such as butane, green gas and CO2. The sport has been permitted in the Netherlands since 15 January 2013. The Weapons and Ammunition Act has been amended for this. That made Airsoft legal in the Netherlands, but there are rules attached to it. Airsoft is also legal in the other European countries. Airsoft is a sport that is played all over the world. More info about Airsoft in the Netherlands?  Visit: www.nabv.nl